Is There Any Way to Avoid Removing My Tree?

We are all about optimism, but unfortunately, sometimes trees just cannot be saved. If your tree is no longer bearing fruit, or leaves and is losing bark, chances are that is busily decaying and dying. In this case, the best step forward would be to remove your tree entirely. If you notice that your decaying tree is infested with insects or is diseased, we recommended that you take immediate action, as it is prone to spread.

There are times when trees grow abnormally and they pose a real threat when they grow too close to power lines and appear to be unstable, because of the tree leaning extensively to the one side. However, if there is only a part of your tree that is infested, damaged, diseased or hazardous, it could be preserved by cutting off those particular parts. Keep in mind that this does not always save your tree and from our experience, it only makes the tree more susceptible to falling over and weaker overall.

Visible damage, infestations, and diseased trees are not always easy to detect by homeowners, and more than often, experienced arborists are needed to determine the severity of your tree’s condition and whether or not it should be cut down. Tallahassee Tree Service is equipped with skilled technicians and we pride ourselves in ensuring there is a minimal risk during the removal process.

Tallahassee Tree Service has state-of-art equipment that everyday homeowners and business owners do not possess. You can trust Tallahassee Tree Service to remove your tree as safely and efficiently as possible and at an affordable price, too!

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