A How-To Guide to Repurposing and Recycling Removed or Fallen Trees

Trees on your property offer an array of benefits, from boosting curb appeal to blocking the sun rays from your property in the hot summer months. The benefits are endless for anyone living in a hot summer area like Tallahassee, Florida. However, over time, you may be faced with the tough choice of having to get an emergency tree removal service if the tree poses a risk to people or your property. Most times, what remains after tree removal service is often sent to landfills, marking the end of the life of a tree. Rather than sending the remains to the pits, have you ever considered repurposing, upcycling, or recycling the remains? In this article, you will find amazing ideas of how you can reuse parts of a removed tree and give it a new life. A Caveat: not all trees can be repurposed Before commencing the ideas and options for repurposing your fallen tree, it is essential to note that not all trees can be repurposed or reused. If the tree was brought down due to a pest infestation, it is not possible to reuse it for most of the ideas you will learn. This is because some pest damage leaves a tree brittle and dangerous, while other infestations render a tree too damaged to be reused. Sometimes, complete removal of the tree from the property after the cut down is best to ensure the infection does not migrate to the remaining plants around the property. It is always ideal to consult with a certified arborist before embarking on the journey to repurpose a fallen tree. Repurposing reusable tree remains Once you ascertain that tree remains are safe to be repurposed, the ideas of how you can do so are endless. These ideas can range from options that may require you to be handy to easy DIY projects that take up very little of your time. Here is how any Tallahassee, Florida resident can repurpose fallen trees. Make firewood from the remains After tree removal and stump grinding service, what is left is unused tree remains that can make good firewood. Turning your leftover tree parts into firewood is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your fallen tree. To do so: Ask the tree removal service provider to leave the large wood pieces behind. Sometimes, they may cut the chunks into smaller firewood-size pieces. Split the wood into desirable firewood sizes. You can use a wood splitter as it makes the task easier than an axe. Season the wood. It may take a few months for the wood to dry out completely. If it is during a cold season, you can have the wood kiln-dried. Store the seasoned wood until you need to use it. The firewood can be used in a firewood grill, fireplace, or fire pit. When making firewood from tree remains, you need to remember that hardwood from deciduous trees is a better firewood option than softwood (commonly from evergreen or conifer trees). Also, some wood types burn [...]