Excessive Pruning

The most detrimental mistakes made when pruning trees: Guilty is charged. I am sure many of us have found ourselves on an excessive pruning spree, chopping away much more than we should and we only realize the damage done once we find our tree in ruins. Excessive pruning is more common than you think, especially when we are uncertain of how much of the tree’s foliage we should be pruning.

Tallahassee Tree Service arborists are knowledgeable in detecting how much of a certain tree species should be pruned and when it should be pruned, depending on the season and location.  We recommend that no more than 20 percent of an adult tree’s foliage should be removed in one period if the tree, shrub or hedge is excessively overgrown.

However, 8 percent is custom for regularly maintained trees, shrubs and hedges.  Removing too much of the tree’s canopy will not only prohibit the tree from bearing fruit or flowers, but the tree’s stability will also come into question, as a result. If you aim to grow more grass below your tree, excessive canopy pruning will create more problems than solve them. We recommend that you stick to structural pruning and Tallahassee Tree Service is trusted to make all your green dreams come true!

Keep in mind that raising your tree’s canopy is the last thing you want to do. Also known as lion’s tailing, your tree will turn out looking like a massive stalk of ugly broccoli and I am almost certain that is a look your neighbors will unfortunately not be talking about.

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