Is It Better to Grind A Stump or Remove It Entirely?

You may think that a stump shouldn’t cause as much trouble as a fully grown tree after it has been ground down, but they can be extremally bothersome. First of all, stumps serve no purpose whatsoever and they can have a displeasing appearance for homeowners and residents.

Stumps are known to attract termites and many other pests and they can even limit proper drainage. Lawn maintenance is another hassle added onto the list, as one would need to cut around the stump in order to efficiently trim the grass.

As a homeowner, you will also need to constantly deal with sprouts, which is a natural response after a tree has been cut down. However, this will not result in a new flourishing tree, but you will only be left with countless sprouts that turn into branches and will constantly need to be cut down.

On the other hand, a stump can also be used as a groovy design in your garden, it can be painted or even sculpted!

A leftover stump does not always have to be removed, but you should ask yourself if you are prepared to look at the same tree stump for the next years to follow and tend to its suckering growth of sprouts.

While stump removal does leave a hallow hole in the ground after its roots have been dug up, the hole can always be filled after the extraction.

Whatever route of action you choose, be sure to choose the option that best benefits your family’s safety and your property’s needs – this has and will always be Tallahassee Tree Service’s main goal.

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