The Right and Wrong Time to Trim Trees

Tree trimming is easy as pie, right? That is the most common mistake that homeowners and business owners make, as tree trimming involves much more than cutting a branch here and there. So, when is the right and wrong time to trim your tree?

Well, for starters, the species of your tree and the location of it is crucial to know when the best time is.

A common example of the wrong time to trim trees is when your tree’s branches are facing west during summer. This is when you will notice your tree losing leaves, bark or even branches as the sun scalds certain species of trees. Only trained arborists know when it is best to take care of your furry friends and Tallahassee Tree Service has trusted experts in this department.

The rule of (green) thumb is to wait until you can see the leaves from your tree beginning to fall, but once again, your tree’s location and species can alter the number of leaves that fall.  It is safe to say that trimming a few stubborn branches should not harm your tree, but getting too clipper happy and cutting large limbs or crown thinning should be avoided at all costs, at least until autumn has begun.

If you need a detailed guide, check this out!

Keep in mind that in early autumn your tree’s open wounds from the previous trimming will take longer to heal and this makes your tree susceptible to various diseases. We recommended that you should wait till winter or even as early as spring. However, do not forget that new growth will most likely not stand a chance in harsh winter and you will do more damage than good. Easy enough, right? Call Tallahassee Tree Service experts today!

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