What Steps Do I Need to Take When My Tree Has Fallen?

Extreme weather such as high winds, storms, floods, and ice put immense pressure on trees growing close to houses or even power lines. Especially during winter storms, damage to the landscape, including broken trunks, fallen trees, or branches is bound to land on your lawn (or your neighbor’s) property.

More than often, utility lines are torn down with tumbling trees and untrained homeowners attempt to clean up the disaster themselves. On most accounts, this ends unfavorably with serious injuries or even death.

First, if your power lines are down, do not touch or approach the utility lines. Always assume the line is charged. Be sure to call your local municipality or utility company immediately. Do not touch anything close to the downed line and ensure no one approaches the lines. Downed lines can also be hidden in bushes, trees, or between branches, so play it safe and rather call Tallahassee Tree Service to first examine the area for you.

Second, do not try to remove or replace the fallen tree be sure to first examine the tree, its size, and location. Do not attempt to climb on a ladder and remove the tree yourself. This never ends well and the last thing you need on your hands are hospital bills.

Keep the area clear of people, especially children in the neighborhood. You do not want a child to become injured as a result.

If you attempt to cut or move the tree, be sure to consider all possibilities and hazards.

This is why we recommend that you bring in Tallahassee Tree Service specialists, that have the expertise, equipment, and experience to safely get the job done!

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