Removing any stubborn or dangerous tree stumps and roots from your property. We provide specialized stump grinding and removal across Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.

Getting rid of those pesky tree stumps and roots is the hardest part of tree removal. But it is necessary to prevent the tree from re-sprouting again, giving you room for replanting or preparing the area for another purpose. The aesthetic value of your property is also sure to increase after thorough stump removal.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal in Tallahassee, FL

Want to properly grind off those stumps and roots from your old trees to prepare the grounds for construction or boost the aesthetic value of your property? Then, you are welcome to contact our team of experienced professionals at any time.

Tree stumps are not only dangerous but also quite unpleasant in appearance. They are, however, the most difficult part of the tree to maneuver and getting them off your property requires professional hands. This is where Tallahassee Tree Service comes in.

At Tallahassee Tree Service, we specialize in providing tree stump grinding solutions in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. We have a team of experienced stump grinding professionals and quality equipment that can properly handle any removal project.

Our Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Approach

We are dedicated to thorough stump removal to prevent injuries, improve your lawn appearance, and allow other plants to thrive in that area. We also know that unattended tree stumps can harbor pests. This is no cause for worry though, as we are qualified to deal with any challenge your tree stumps may throw at us.

Get in touch with us today to remove any lawn concerns you may have. Keep in mind that your tree root system might be larger than the canopy of your tree. In these cases, we will only grind the surface roots, not the entire root system, as that could pose a risk to your property.

After stump removal, you will have the choice to keep the stumps for repurposing or we can remove them from your property and leave you to enjoy your renovated garden.

Why You Need Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

There are quite a few risks involved with leaving your tree stumps unattended. If any of the factors below are weighing on your mind, call us today to ease your concerns.

  • Re-sprouting

Leaving your tree stumps unattended can cause re-sprouting of the leaves or continuous root growth, even when the tree has been cut down. This prevents other plants from thriving in that area and also increases your chances of the roots encroaching on your property or damaging underground installations like pipes, wires, etc. Call us today to protect your property from above and below.

  • Harboring Unwanted Pests

Decaying tree stumps have a high chance of serving as harbors for breeding pests like ants, termites, moths, rodents, etc. Therefore, immediate tree stump grinding and removal is a step towards preventing unwanted pest infestations on your property.

  • Aesthetic Reasons

To some people, stump grinding might not seem that necessary. But having the remains of your old trees hanging around can make your property or garden look very untidy. This can become a problem when hosting events or selling your property. We will properly grind off those stumps and roots to give your property the makeover you deserve.

  • Health and Safety

Unattended tree stumps have the potential to cause injury to any unaware walkers-by. Calling us today can ensure your guests’ and family’s safety.

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Tallahassee Tree Service is located in Leon Country in Tallahassee, Florida but can also perform services in the surrounding areas. This means that we are well-versed in the urban and suburban feel of the city and have plenty of experience working with the area’s native and popular flora.

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