Supporting and enhancing the integrity of your tree’s structure. Hire us and watch as your trees come alive through our support systems and prevent your trees with structural deficiencies from failing.

Through our special tree cabling and bracing services, we provide effective and strong systems to prevent your tree structures from endangering your property or shortening the life of your garden plants. We remain one of the best tree service providers in the whole of Tallahassee and the State of Florida at large.

Experienced and Certified Experts in Tree Cabling and Bracing at Tallahassee, FL

Do you suspect your tree might be on its way down? Do you need the services of experienced professionals to work on your weak or failing tree structures? Not to worry, you are on the right page. Welcome to Tallahassee Tree Service.

Here, we are committed to providing strong and effective cabling and bracing services to support and reduce possible stress caused by damage from heavy winds, foliage, the weight of snow, and any other taxing factors for your trees. With our team of certified and experienced tree experts, we have perfected our approach to tree and property safety and are sure we can bring you the best in the business.

You can also rest assured that we understand all the risks involved when creating a tree support system and how to prevent them. You are in safe hands.

Our Exceptional Tree Cabling and Bracing Approach

Sometimes, trees might become prone to structural failure because they have grown to the point at which they can no longer support further growth. At that point, cabling and bracing are introduced to allow the tree to continue to thrive safely.

Usually, trees with two or more trunks are prone to structural failure but newly planted trees may also need support to ensure they grow in the desired manner. We make use of rods, stakes and wire to create support systems that can last.

Categories of Tree Support System

Below are the kinds of tree support systems we are qualified to install to support and boost your tree’s structural integrity:

  • Cabling

This type of tree support system focuses on lowering a tree’s risk of splitting or breaking. It tries to reduce the distance that branches can sway with respect to the rest of the tree. The cables are installed across the weak trunks for support. We use high-strength steel wire or synthetic fabric sling or rope, depending on the type of cabling system.

  • Bracing

Within this method, bracing rods are used to hold together a tree with multiple trunks or co-dominant leaders to lower the chances of splitting. Of course, this approach can also be used to repair and support already split leaders. In some cases, bracing is combined with cabling to achieve a better support system.

  • Staking

This kind of tree support system is used to hold a tree upright. Its major purpose is targeted at straightening a tree’s trunk. Staking is done by using a strong stake to support a tree’s trunk or attaching around four straps to the tree and then anchoring the straps to the ground using stakes. Most often this kind of tree support system is used on young trees or newly planted trees.

Rest assured that you can trust our experienced and specialized arborists to identify the best support system for your tree. So call us today and enjoy the comfort of knowing your trees are thriving and your property is safe.

Factors That Affect a Tree’s Structural Integrity

You may be wondering how to know if your tree requires a support system. Below are some factors that can cause your tree structures to weaken:

  • Tree Decay

When a part of your tree starts to decay, there is a high chance that the affected area may fall off. For instance, when the better part of a tree’s trunk has decayed, the tree is likely to collapse. If you notice even the smallest bit of decay, don’t wait for it to become hazardous. Call in the professionals to secure the tree.

  • Cracked or Split Limbs

Some conditions can cause cracks in a tree, for example, windstorms or the weight of ice. These cracks can spread and thus require immediate attention.

  • Inadequate Root System

During the development of a tree, the root system can exhibit poor growth. On the other hand, a tree’s canopy might grow beyond the limits its root system can support. At this point, the tree is prone to structural failure and needs extra support.

  • Poor Pruning

If trees are pruned carelessly, an imbalance of branches can occur. This leads to the uneven distribution of weight and, eventually, structural weakness. Tallahassee Tree Service is qualified to handle both your pruning and structural needs.

  • Branching Issues

During the development or growth of a tree, a tree can exhibit branch inconsistencies – unequal distribution of the branches to balance the weight of the tree. In that case, the structural integrity of the tree might become affected.

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