What is Considered a Tree Emergency and Will Insurance Cover the Removal?

If you’re a homeowner or business owner and you come across tree limbs or an entire tree that has fallen down either on your property, your neighbor’s, your car, fence, or on utility lines in your area, this has ‘’emergency’’ written all over it!

Keep in mind what was previously discussed – to always be conscious of any downed power lines. Be sure to contact your local municipality or utility company alongside Tallahassee Tree Service to ensure your property and family’s safety.

In most cases, yes, insurance will most likely pay for the emergency tree removal, however, there are a few tapes we need to cross.

Firstly, it will depend on how broad your cover is, but generally, if your property has been damaged by a falling tree (that you have not caused) you will be covered by your insurance.  However, if the insurance company can prove that the tree has fallen due to negligence on your behalf, they might not cover any property damage or tree removal services. This is a prime example of why specialists are needed to maintain and evaluate your landscape and trees on a regular basis.

For example, if you had a tree in your backyard that died a few years ago and has been slanting and unstable for quite some time, the insurance company may state that as the owner, you should have removed the tree long ago.

They could argue that this was caused by poor maintenance, which led to the damage and they could leave you with the costs. However, if your tree was maintained and it was in good health and came down due to extreme weather or for any other reasons out of your control, you will most likely be covered.  This is a prime example of why experienced and specialized tree arborists are essential to maintaining your landscape, saving you from future disasters, and keeping your family safe.

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