For most people trying to grow a tree in Tallahassee, Florida, the idea of cutting down branches and leaves from trees may seem counterproductive. However, tree pruning is an essential part of caring for your trees. Pruning is to tree what a haircut is to humans. It helps to get rid of damaged ends, improve the tree’s appearance, and create a healthy base for further growth. Just how important is tree pruning? Here is why you need to keep your trees pruned.

Pruning helps to promote tree growth

When you prune your trees, you promote healthy new growth. Pruning is a process used to get rid of struggling, unattractive or stagnant parts of a tree, thus saving up tree resources for the healthier parts of the tree. When the healthy parts are properly nourished, they push out new growth and regrowth of the pruned areas to balance the top of the tree with the root system. Therefore, the more you prune, the more you encourage your tree to become lusher. However, you need to ensure you do not over-prune your trees as this may be counterproductive to the final result you expect.

If you are unsure how often you should prune your trees, working with a professional tree trimming arborist will ensure you give your trees the best care for healthy growth.

Pruning can encourage your trees to produce fruit

When a tree is not pruned over an extended period, it becomes a breeding ground for tree disease and insects, thanks to the dead limbs. If you have an unpruned fruit tree, it eventually gets sick, which affects its ability to produce fruit. The best way to encourage your tree to produce fruit continually and even boost output is by ensuring you remove all dead bits. This encourages spurs growth, which increases fruit production. A healthy tree produces more spurs, which means a bountiful harvest.

Pruning helps to treat diseases

Like humans, trees can also get infected by diseases that sometimes spread quickly. Pruning is sometimes the best way to treat common tree diseases and prevent them from spreading to the rest of the tree or other plants close to your tree. This is especially ideal if you are dealing with a fungal infection.

For instance, powdery mildew is a common fungal infection that quickly spreads among trees. While it may not kill the infected trees, it is known to disfigure the vegetation around the infected trees. To stop this, pruning the infected branches is the best way to get rid of the fungus.

Pruning helps to prevent safety hazards

If you have a tree in your yard that poses a safety hazard, pruning may be one of the best ways to avert the impending problem. This pruning is best left to professionals since the tree may be damaged or diseased, requiring professional tree pruning or emergency tree removal service.  

Dead branches are dangerous when left alone as they can easily fall, hurting bystanders or damaging the roof or your property. It can also get extremely dangerous when overgrown branches are left to hang over electrical lines. Tree pruning is the best way to prevent a safety hazard, ensuring a tree remains healthy.

Pruning is an excellent way of maintaining the desired shape of a tree

Apart from keeping your trees healthy, pruning is also an excellent practice for anyone interested in maintaining a decorative design on trees. With trimming and pruning, it is possible to turn an ordinary tree into a work of art to boost curb appeal. This is a common use of pruning in professional gardening used in topiary and pollarding.

In pollarding, pruning is used to reduce the height of a tree to promote the growth of denser foliage. On the other hand, topiary is a gardening practice used to shape trees and shrubs into different shapes. Working with a local tree trimming service in Tallahassee, Florida, will ensure you get the desired tree aesthetics for your yard.

Pruning can be used to remove unwanted tree growth

Just like tree trimming, pruning is also an excellent way of getting rid of unwanted growth around your tree. This can be visible foliage or unwanted parts of the root system. You can also use pruning to limit the size growth of a tree, especially ideal if you have a small yard and prefer to maintain decent-sized trees. Pruning can also be used to remove foliage that may be blocking your view.

Other types of unwanted tree growth that can be corrected with pruning include:

  • Root system causing damage to sidewalks
  • Aesthetically unpleasing branches
  • Roots growth in underground pipe systems
  • Branches growing too close to the house
  • Branches encroaching on power lines

It is important to note that most unwanted root system growth can cause structural instability. In such a case, it will require complete cutting down of the tree and tree stump grinding to eliminate the issue caused on the foundation.  

Pruning can save you money

While some homeowners prefer to perform DIY tree pruning and trimming around their yard, sometimes the process can be a little complicated, requiring the services of a professional. This is mostly the case when dealing with large trees.

It would help if you considered enlisting with a local tree trimming service, as this can save you money in the long run.

For instance, the average cost of maintaining or pruning trees is $460 when working with a professional. While DIY may seem cheaper, sometimes you may leave the trees unpruned for longer than necessary, which calls for professional corrective pruning, which is often more expensive. Also, improper pruning can leave a tree vulnerable to infections and disease, which may require you to replace or remove a damaged tree. This will cost you more than you would have paid for timely pruning.   

Tree pruning can boost the value of a property

When you schedule timely pruning for your trees, you can significantly boost the real-estate value of your property. When done correctly, pruning can increase the home’s value by up to 15%. Studies show that landscaping and tree coverage can boost home value by up to 30% when done right. Therefore, upgrading your landscaping through proper plant care is an ideal way of increasing the resale value of your home.

Properly pruning your trees at the right time allows you to enjoy the many benefits of pruning.