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Tallahassee Tree Pros is trusted by their customers to enhance, protect and preserve their landscapes. At Tallahassee Tree Pros, we understand that creating a safe, appealing and warm environment is Important to you. That is why Tallahassee Tree Pros is trusted to evaluate your property and guide you to make the best decision for your family and your landscape’s future!

About Tallahassee Tree Pros

Tallahassee Tree Pros is an accredited and licensed tree service provider that has attained a reputation for professionalism, exceptional results, transparency and dependability.

As a locally operated and family-owned business, Tallahassee Tree Pros is certified, has trusted arborists and a highly knowledgeable team of experts. Tallahassee Tree Pros genuinely cares about its customer’s safety and security and that is why we make it our top priority to restore your property to its pre-loved condition.

Tallahassee Tree Pros is fully prepared for any job, with cutting-edge equipment and techniques that ensure our cleanup is done fast, but efficiently and we aim to make your burden lighter.

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Our Services in Tallahassee Tree Pros

You can contact us for any of the following tree services in Tallahassee Tree Pros.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Wait. There’s a difference? You bet there is and although the differences may be subtle, Tallahassee Tree Pros are specialists in them both. Tallahassee Tree Pros prides itself

Emergency Tree Removal

Let’s be real. Nobody enjoys dealing with a crisis and the last thing you need is a tree falling onto your property or better yet, damaging your neighbor’s property. Not only can a fallen tree cause damage

Commercial Tree Services

Trees are known to provide great benefits for your home and property and because they enhance any property’s appearance, they also increase your property’s value.

Storm Damage Cleanup

As a homeowner, experiencing severe weather or natural disasters can turn your property into a hazard. Incidents such as flooding, fires, mold growth, structural damage

Stump Grinding & Removal

If you have finally gotten rid of that ghastly tree that was either dying or posing a threat to your family or resident’s safety, chances are that you will need to get rid of your stump

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Supporting and enhancing the integrity of your tree’s structure. Hire us and watch as your trees come alive through our support systems and prevent your trees with structural deficiencies from failing.

Why Choose Us

Tallahassee Tree Pros is equipped with skilled technicians and we pride ourselves in making safety our first priority, by putting your family or resident’s needs first.

With years of experience and expertise, Tallahassee Tree Pros understands how stressful a tree removal process can be and that’s why we want to make your burden lighter. Tallahassee Tree Pros has the resources and insight to help you no matter the extent of the damage to your commercial or residential property! Tallahassee Tree Pros is an accredited and licensed tree service provider that always ensures they safely gets the job done!

No job is too small or tree is too tall for Tallahassee Tree Pros!

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Frequently Asked

The average cost of tree removal is $750. However, the cost can vary depending on the size and type of tree, as well as the difficulty of the removal.
Of course, the larger and more difficult the tree is to remove, the more it will cost. If you have a very large tree or one that is located in a difficult-to-reach spot, you can expect to pay closer to $1,000.

We offer a variety of services including emergency tree removal service, tree pruning & trimming, stump grinding & removal, tree cabling & bracing, storm damage cleanup, and commercial tree services. Our company also offers a wide range of other services, such as landscaping and lawn care.

Luckily, we offer services for all types of trees. From hickory trees to large oak trees, we are here to help you with your tree needs.
Tallahassee is home to many different types of trees. Each of these trees has different tree care needs, so it is important to hire only professionals.

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