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What We Offer


Tallahassee Tree Service

  • Tree Care
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Removal
  • Firewood
  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Shrub Pruning

Tallahassee Landscaping

  • Sump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Hurricane Preparedness

Who We Service

  • Resedential
  • Commercial

100% Customer Satisfaction

Here at Tallahassee Tree Pros, we’ve come to understand what means the most to our customers. Our testament to customer service allows us to connect while doing what we do best. When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s what drives us to do what we do, and how we do it. Our passion for providing a Tallahassee tree service our customers have come to appreciate gives us the satisfaction of knowing our customers are 100% satisfied.

Our family owned and operated Tallahassee tree service has expanded significantly over the years. With a large team of certified, experience and professional arborists throughout Leon County, Florida, we’ve managed to become the only tree service worth considering. We do it all from land clearing to shrub pruning and everything in between giving us one of the most versatile tree services around.

When you call, you’re getting highly skilled arborists who has the ability to understand our customer’s vision, assuring you’re getting everything you’re looking for, and so much more. Call us today and schedule a free consultation. You have nothing to loose but time.

We’re Known For…

Great Customer Service

We strive on making sure our customers are 100% satisfied which is why we believe in exceeding all expectations on all projects. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a complete landscape overhaul, you’ll see what makes us standout from the competition.

Transparent Quotes

We don’t believe in milking our customers for everything they got. When we give you a quote, we stand behind it. Our quotes are transparent and we disclose everything up front so you get what you’re expecting and nothing less. No hidden charges, everything’s disclosed.

Honest, Ethical and Safe

Honest work is hard to come by these days, but when you call us this is exactly what you get. Our ethical behavior means we will never do to you what we wouldn’t want done to us. Teamed up with safety always being our top concern assures you’re getting a Tallahassee tree service you can count on.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

Our ISA certified arborists are, to keep it simple, certified tree experts. Whether you’re looking for tree trimming, stump grinding, land clearing or a completely new landscape, we do it all. With more than 15 years of experience and our large team of certified arborists, you can rest assured there’s no project we can’t handle.


What Our Customers Say About Us

“I had huge expectations when scouring Google in search of a Tallahassee tree service and when I came across Tallahassee Tree Pros something just clicked. Starting with the phone call I knew I was making the right decison and when they showed up they gave me the ideas I was looking for. They totally transformed my landscape into something out of a movie and for much less than I was expecting. Thank you Tallahassee Tree Pros, AMAZING JOB!

“Let me start off by saying Greensboro Tree was very professional from the start. I called a few tree services for a quote, but when Greensboro Tree came out my search abruptly ended. The guys were very courteous and honest and provided a quote that came in hundreds less than anyone else. Because of the price I was a bit skeptical on the quality of work, but after the first few trees were trimmed and bushes pruned, my skeptism went out the door.


At Tallahassee Tree Pros, customer satisfaction is given the highest priority. We realize that lawn maintenance is not an easy task. It requires proper care and work of a professional. For any tree-related services, you can always contact Tallahassee Tree Service which offers all types of tree removal, trimming, and lawn improvement services.

We work for our customers round the clock. That’s why we have been the number one company in the industry from the past many years. We offer a range of services which include tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, stump removal, clearing the land, planting new trees, clearing shrubs and bushes, tree health, and lawn improvement services. We are well aware of the different types of issues which may arise within your mini garden, so we are always equipped and ready to assist.

With a simple call, you can improve your lawn today. Call us on our given number and provide us some details related to your lawn, any specific trees which you need to remove, or any other service that you require. We also provide price estimates on call free of charge without an obligation to work with us. You can take holidays, but we don’t so call us at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Our services are fast and reliable, and we cover a range of areas around Tallahassee. Some of these areas include:

  • Tree Service Tallahassee, FL
  • Tree Service Havana, FL
  • Tree Service Wacissa, FL
  • Tree Service Midway, FL
  • Tree Service Woodville, FL
  • Tree Service Cairo, GA
  • Tree Service Monticello, FL
  • Tree Service Boston, GA
  • Tree Service Thomasville, GA
  • Tree Service Attapulgus, GA
  • Tree Service Whigham, GA
  • Tree Service Lamont, FL
  • Tree Service Ochlocknee, GA
  • Tree Service Climax, GA
  • Tree Service Saint Marks, FL
  • Tree Service Crawfordville, FL
  • Tree Service Dixie, Georgia
  • Tree Service Greenville, FL
  • Tree Service Barwick, GA
  • Tree Service Gretna, FL
  • Tree Service Bainbridge, GA
  • Tree Service Coolidge, GA
  • Tree Service Quincy, FL
  • Tree Service Sopchoppy, FL
  • Tree Service Pelham, GA
  • Tree Service Pavo, GA
  • Tree Service Greensboro, FL
  • Tree Service Meigs, GA
  • Tree Service Quitman, GA
  • Tree Service Hosford, FL

Tallahassee Tree Service has the Cheapest Rates and Quickest Response Times

Many tree service providers charge a hefty sum of money for tree services but you will be satisfied with the pricing of Tallahassee Tree Service.

Some of the services which we offer are:

  • Trimming the trees
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Pruning
  • Shrub Clearing
  • Clearing the Land
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Services
  • Emergency Land Clearing Services
  • Potting New Plants
  • Consultancy for a better Lawn


Call Tallahassee Tree Service for All Your Tree Services Today

Tallahassee Tree Service tries its best to arrange a team of arborists for you on the same day you place an order. However, at times, same day service is not available or feasible considering a few factors such as extra demand on peak season, time of the day you place your order, and your area, etc. In the majority of the cases, we do get the job done on the same day, but if this does not happen for any reason, we get it done on as soon as possible bases.

Services for All Types of Trees

Our services are not for any specific tree type rather we offer our services for all types of trees whether they are tall or short, thick or thin.

Tree Removal Tallahassee FL

Most calls we receive are for removing  trees from their roots. We can take down all types of trees with our modern equipment. Some of the trees we do cut are:

  • Silver Maple Trees
  • Green Giant Trees
  • Red Oak Trees
  • Paper Birch Trees
  • Silver Birch Trees
  • Prune Shrubs
  • All other types of trees

We can cut other trees as well. Call us for any inquiries!

Tree Trimming Tallahassee FL

Sometimes, you don’t want to cut or remove a tree from its roots; instead, you want to trim it. Trimming is quite necessary because sometimes it is actually reducing the beauty of the tree. Trimming also leads to fine cutting of a tree and getting it back in a proper shape. Other times, long trees are leaving extra leaves on the ground which can make it a mess. Restore your tree back to what it was, today!

You can also find us by typing “Tree Service Near Me” on Google. We are the number one company and have been awarded by Google Search too.

Shrub Pruning Tallahassee FL

A lawn does not only consist of trees. There can be shrubs and other small plants which may require clearing over time because sometimes they have thongs in them while other times they are just not grown in the right place. In order to maintain the beauty of your yard, you can call us, and we will assess the condition of the shrubs and take relevant action according to them. This is one of our most frequent routine tasks which is why now we are specialized in clearing out shrubs.

Stump Grinding Tallahassee FL

Stump Grinding involves the usage of tough and high-powered grinders. No one keeps such equipment at home, but here at Tallahassee Tree Service, we have all the equipment needed to grind out these stumps. Even though it is a difficult task, our arborists have the right experience and skill set to execute it effectively and get your work done in the right manner.

Tree Health Tallahassee FL

Tree health matters a lot because if the tree is not healthy, your lawn might soon look like a deserted and ugly place. What exactly are unhealthy trees? These are trees which have been greatly affected by pests, insects, termites, and other types of animals. We have the right types of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides for your lawn. These will not only improve the health of your tree but will also help in the effective growth of the tree. It will also reduce the number of insects that could attack your plants. Tree health issues are often caused by:


  • Storm damage
  • Natural elements
  • Disease
  • Insecticides
  • Animals
  • Other trees

Stump Removal Tallahassee FL

Find us by typing “Stump Removal Near Me” on Google. You will find us at the top. Stump removal is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks, but we are always up for such challenges. Our team is always ready to remove any type of stump no matter how thick or hard it is. Stump removal is necessary if you want to clear space for your lawn and avoid an eyesore.

If you are in need of stump removal service, we are here.

Land Clearing Tallahassee FL

Land Clearing is done in the case when the lawn is not in its presentable condition and requires a general work. This general work involves clearing the land from where it is required, removing any extra stumps, planting new plants, trimming or cutting the trees. It usually takes 2-4 hours depending upon the size of your lawn. We would suggest that you should get an appointment a few days before you actually plan to get your land cleared.

Emergency Tallahassee Tree Services

We are also available in emergency cases which include storms and any other incidents which have led to falling down of a large tree that is blocking a major way. Don’t worry at all about any such incidents and call us because we will respond to your emergency on the top priority.

We look forward to having a wonderful experience with you.

Cities in and Around Tallahassee We Serve

The following is a list of cities around Leon County, Florida (but not limited to) we provide our Tallahassee Tree service in:

Tallahassee, FL; Havana, FL; Wacissa, FL; Midway, FL; Woodville, FL; Cairo, GA; Monticello, FL; Boston, GA; Thomasville, GA; Attapulgus, GA; Whigham, GA; Lamont, FL; Ochlocknee, GA; Climax, GA; Saint Marks, FL; Crawfordville, FL; Dixie, GA; Greenville, FL; Barwick, GA; Gretna, FL; Bainbridge, GA; Coolidge, GA; Quincy, FL; Sopchoppy, FL; Pelham, GA; Pavo, GA; Greensboro, FL; Meigs, GA; Quitman, GA; Hosford, FL

(850) 273-5867


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